As a result of the current situation centred around the COVID-19 virus, not just in the UK, but in the world at large, the music industry and performing in public has all but disappeared for the foreseeable future, with no possible way to guess when life will return to normal for us all. We have to hope that it will, and that normal service will be resumed in the future, so we wanted to let you all know that we're still here, and ready to fill the diary when you are, for your weddings, ceilidhs, private functions, pub gigs and festivals, so get in touch with us when the world is ready to be musical again.


Details of all bookings, public and private, will appear on our LIVE SHOWS page.



To anyone who has ever been present at a Dumbo's Feather Ceilidh, they will be fully aware that the three band members have always been augmented by the presence of our resident dance caller Martin Hodge. Martin's job was to take control of our wild flamboyant energy that makes us a dynamic stage presence and channel it into a disciplined unit, playing tightly in time to ensure that each dance he was teaching the audience was so much easier to follow.

Tragically, and completely unexpectedly, the news broke on January 24th 2017 of Martin's sudden passing, and at a stroke, the band had not only lost a dear friend and colleague, but the South-West music scene had suddenly lost one of of its finest champions of musical diversity. 

Martin was a kind and gentle soul, firmly committed to many principled causes, but could never be mistaken for a weak person, as these deeply-rooted beliefs, supportive of a multitude of people from many ethnic, gender, social or musical backgrounds, would see Martin with both feet planted firmly in the foreground when required, without hesitation.

We have lost a great man, and although ultimately we all need to carry on, anyone whose life he touched will miss him dearly.

So long pal. We love you.